At Essential Canines we offer a variety of structured classes to help your team succeed no matter your goals.

Structured classes follow a predesigned curriculum. We have classes just for puppies, socialization outings, basic and advanced obedience as well as specialty classes such as reliable recalls paired with off leash training and cooperative care classes to work with grooming, handling and veterinary needs.

From puppy basics, to house manners, and loose leash walking these classes are geared towards building a strong foundation of good behaviors.

Unruly adolescents got Ya down? Newly adopted dog not quite fitting in? Older dog who just never really learned the ropes? (Hint: Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!) These classes are for you!

Obedience is the cornerstone to having a well behaved family dog as well as the base for competition sports. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced obedience.

Handling issues at the Vets or groomers? This course teaches voluntary muzzling, as well as a long hold and how to help you dog learn to accept necessary care such as nail trimming.

These classes focus on preparing your dog for therapy work. They incorporate obedience, C.L.A.S.S. and CGC. They include advanced obedience and manners in public.

From Fully trained service dogs to Coaching handlers training on their own, we can help you with all aspects of service dog training for those with physical limitations, food allergies and others.

These classes start with obedience and teach skills needed for off leash work. It includes reliable recall as well as close and long-distance off leash training with real life distractions like wildlife and people on trails and in fields.

Want to take your pup everywhere they can go? This class is for you! Restaurant manners, moving through crowded areas and how to meet and greet properly are just some of the things your team will learn!

Canine Good Citizens classes include CGC, CGCA (Advanced) and CGCU (Urban) as well as testing. These classes are the gold standard for family dogs and are a solid foundation for service dog work and are certified by the AKC.