How we train

Private Coaching

This kind of training is like having a private trainer in your corner! Our Private coaching sessions are one on one, so you and your dog have 100% of the trainer’s attention. We will work with your dog showing you what we do to teach your dog cues that they can understand quickly; We will explain why we are choosing those specific cues, and how those cues impact your training goals. Then, you will practice those very same cues with our guidance, so you are comfortable continuing to work with you dog in between sessions.

Day Training

Day training allows owners that are too busy to find time for daily training or have difficulties with managing certain behavior issues to have their dog trained for them. This is perfect for really busy households that are able to maintain behaviors once trained. It is also beneficial for many problem behaviors such as Leash Reactivity, food and toy resource guarding, Stranger Danger and Shy and Fearful behaviors. It involves us coming to your house multiple days a week to train your dog, and then teach you how to maintain those behaviors.