Puppy Classes

Duke working on engagement

Playground Pup Pre School

6 sessions that include 2 socialization lessons plus Focus, Sit, Place, & Come. Includes the beginning to leash training and common behavior issues like biting and house training.

Playful Pup Elementary school

6 sessions that include 1 social outing, Manners at home and in public places plus; Sit, Down, Come, Beginning Boundary Training, Loose leash walking, Place and Proper Greetings.

Scholarly Pups High School

8 Sessions that include: Boundary Training, Beginning Heel, Reliable Recall Beginnings, Leave it/Take it, Drop it/Get it, Adding Duration and Distraction; fine tuning previous skills.

Enlightened Pup College

8 Sessions that include: Refining the Heel, Advanced Recall, Beginning Off Leash Training, Adding Distance and Distractions, as well as proofing previously learned skills.