Behavior Consultaion

All Problem and Aggressive Behavior Training begins with a Behavior Consult. It is the first step in helping you and your dog resolve, modify or change things such as reactivity, separation anxiety, dog to human aggression and shy, fearful behaviors. Our consult consists of an in-depth questionnaire and interview, management strategies to help create some immediate relief and assessment of necessary handling skills that pertain to your specific situation. The consult is 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. We try to gather as much information as possible during this time so we can create a thorough written assessment that will detail our findings, management implementation, basic skills needed to start training and short- and long-term goals. The written assessment will lay out the basic framework for a behavior training plan to reach obtainable goals, the minimum amount of time we feel will be required to modify the issues, and the price and training choices that pertain to your specific needs.