Trixa the soft coated wheaten terrier doing therapy work at Inspired Living in Sarasota, Fl
Service dog in Training with vest in a store in sit position.

Welcome to Essential Canines

I believe in teaching my clients how to build a strong lifelong partnership with their dog.

I believe in educating the general public and businesses about Service Dogs and their handlers.

I advocate for the upholding of all aspects of the American Disability Act. And for the proper training of all Service Dogs.

Medical cross with white paw print in center.
Trixa the therapy dog, getting petted by man in wheel chair.

Nothing brings more joy then a wagging tail

Teaching your dog to Thrive, not just Survive, in a human world.

Service dog with vest in down stay

Service Dog Training

Tailored to your specific disability and needs.

Trainer with a family dog, a red husky in a sit stay.

Family Dog Training

Individualized to ensure an enjoyable, lifelong pet.

Problem Behaviors

Working with dogs innate needs to help navigate problem behaviors.

Cooperative care

Training for less stressful veterinary and grooming experiences.