You don’t have to be a bully to get great behavior.

At Essential Canines we believe in training your dog to thrive in a human world. Reliable training can be achieved without using punitive methods. And we do this by teaching with consistency, commitment and the types of reinforcement that your dog finds rewarding. Because this builds strong, clear, dependable cues, training is easier; its quicker and durable. And when it’s appropriate, we teach two congruent cues at the same time. So, it’s like building an on/off switch that will help your dog have a stronger understanding of both behaviors. This helps teach the behaviors that bring reward. We call this Compatible Cue Training. This helps your dog to learn how to better negotiate our world and start to thrive, not just survive. Curious about how it works?

See what our clients are saying

Neri and Andy Say

“We had an excellent experience with Amy from Essential Canines. She is knowledgeable, experienced and very positive in her approach…”

Patti and Duke Say

“Amy is a wonderful teacher and trainer. She is professional and skilled in her work. It is a good learning experience for humans and dog…”

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Fear Free Certified Trainer
Aggressive Dog Certificate
CGC Evaluator Certified